Jun 05

The Light

20130403 The LightIs darkness hindering your ability to see your promise of hope and you feel you need a breakthrough? Are you ready for the Son to shine in your life?  Tonight, Pastor Ron will explain that God is greater than our vision and He is the source that will illuminate the dark areas of our lives with a lesson titled, “The Light“.


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May 29

The Culture Got It Wrong

The Culture Got It WrongChristianity or Culture? These are two opposing forces that we face daily. As true Christians and believers of God, we should submit to the Living Word of God, and not to the culture. Today, Brother Damon Eagleton exposes these conflicting positions with a message titled, “The Culture Got It Wrong”.



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May 22

Keeping The Unity, That They May Be One

20130127 Keeping The UnityIsn’t it wonderful that we are all united in Christ with the “Oneness” of His Spirit? God has given each of us a practical blueprint of what he expects in obtaining and maintaining unity. Today, Pastor Ron will discuss the importance of understanding the combined power of one and the peace of God that binds it all together with a message titled, “Keeping the Unity: That They May be One”.


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May 15

Behold The King Cometh

20130324 Behold the King comethWhat will the beginning of this extraordinary week mean for you? Are you filled with joy and eager anticipation of the coming of our Lord and Savior? Today, Pastor Ron will discuss the tremendous celebration that took place over two thousand years ago, the expected entry of our King Jesus and how our voices are joined today shouting Hosanna with an uplifting message titled, “Behold The King Cometh“.


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May 08

How Can I Help You

20130303It is interesting that the Almighty God of creation considers us; our aspirations, our ambitions and our desires so much so, that He extends to us access to Himself. Today Pastor Ron Eagleton explores the power of the question, from God to us and from us to one another, “What can I do for you?” in a message titled, “How Can I Help You?”




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