The Mt. Rose Media Team was originally started to manage the live audio of weekly services at Mt. Rose Church. We have since grown to work in:
Web DevelopmentAudio Installation
eCommerce and MarketingPhotoshop, Photography, and Animation
Video Broadcasting and Post-EditingLighting Design and IMAG
We are a 100% volunteer based department, and we provide training to any field that you seek. With a tier-structured layout, it is easy to advance from a novice to a professional in the world of technology. Be sure to checkout our Handbook for information on fields you may be interested in.
Photoshop - Premiere - Lightroom - Canon
Computer Building - Coding - Networking
Screenmonkey - XSplit - Blackmagic
In order to help the church grow, our carefully trained team members can advise you in in the following areas:
Video Production
Creating videos and slideshow for announcements and events. Be sure to complete the announcement submittal form within the time frame, to have a high-quality, eye catching production that will be sure to draw in your audience.

Submit Announcement
Record up to 32 tracks simultaneously in our live audio recording setting. Mix down your own mastering, or have one of our highly trained team members produce a final masterpiece for your dance, production, or announcement.
Have a special occasion or event? Our production ready photographer's are trained to capture images in the moment. Consult with a team member today to schedule a primary photographer for your event. It's In The House!
WiFI Users
Pictures Taken
Sermons Recorded

Team Leaders

Meet the Leaders that are taking the church to the next level.

Technical Director

Web Design, Networking, Coding, Live Audio, and Design


Broadcast/Audio Engineer

Communications, IMAG, Audio Mastering, Video Streaming, and Lighting Design



Photography and Media Replication


Senior Marketing

Sales, Marketing, and Media Replication



    Photography, Social Media Director, and Video Post-Production

    Latest Training and News

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